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Discover top-tier, vetted, interview-ready candidates, delivered straight to your inbox in under a week. No longer will you have to choose between speed and quality. With Empathix, you get both.

Empathix evolves
with you

We gain intelligence with feedback, ensuring you get the best match. We also give you feedback on the types of people you are hiring and give you solutions on how to tackle unconscious bias that might be at play in your business.

Recruit faster.
Employ better.

The days of spending countless hours sifting through CVs are over. The average employer spends 23 hours vetting 200 CVs. With our advanced technology, that daunting task is reduced to just 5 minutes.Thinking it couldn’t get better? We eliminate bias from your hiring process. Increased diversity positively impacts engagement, productivity and your businesses performance.

Remarkable savings

23 hours

Time spent vetting CVs


Cost to your business per role


Savings per role

5 mins

Time spent vetting CVs


Cost to your business per role


Savings per role

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